the signs may be obvious: new classifications for your products that lack tracking, forcing the use of notes fields and throwing automated inventory tracking out of whack; or difficulty training new or temporary staff, especially if frequent users are away or have left your organization. The signs may be more obscure: accessing your data gradually slows over time; or training becomes a significant time sink for not only new hires, but experienced staff needing to learn unfamiliar features of the software. Regardless, when your software becomes a burden, requiring more and more maintenance and workarounds, and generally taking charge of your staff instead of the other way around, it has become “legacy.”

Your Software Can Improve

Imagine, if you will, your current business-critical software systems, only improved. Imagine a look and feel in-line with modern applications, where components are easily recognizable, more quickly accessed, and automated in a way that makes sense for your business.

When your software becomes a burden, generally taking charge of your staff instead of the other way around, it has become “legacy.”

A user experience that not only makes day-to-day work as easy as possible, but that also helps improve your team’s performance. Imagine an application where a few clicks and key presses will see your inventory management, staff management, or CAD building tools interacting effortlessly with other software. Imagine that the most important tasks your staff needs to perform are at their fingertips. A design that fosters efficiency by its very structure, employing thoughtful automation to take elements to the forms and screens they need to go to next, cutting down on human error. You don't need to imagine. Your software can improve, and LegacyX can help.

The LegacyX Advantage

For years, LegacyX has made its mark by learning legacy software inside-and-out, reverse engineering it, and intelligently updating it based on user requirements. We leverage the Scrum process, using short development cycles while including software users to ensure all needs are met, any required functionality is built, and users can see the results for themselves. This process extends from the beginning of a project onward: LegacyX specializes in reverse-engineering legacy software and crafting better solutions that fit within your organizational framework. But don't take our word for it. Our clients include Operating Engineers Local 955, Comcast, and Walt Disney Imagineering. Our record speaks for itself. Don't just imagine better software. Let LegacyX help realize that goal.